Forest Hills Wild Blueberries


It’s all in the BLOOM!

Mother Nature intended for her wild blueberries to be enjoyed as is, with the flavour, sweetness and aroma fresh berries deliver right off the field. A big part of all that comes from the light blue surface colour you see on the berries when still on the bushes, it’s called the ‘bloom’. If removed, so much of what makes a wild blueberry special is lost.

So a lot of what we do is directly related to retaining as much of what Mother Nature wanted you to have, the freshest and tastiest wild blueberries possible. We think we achieve this by:

·         Using harvesting equipment that is more gentle on the fruit (less rubbing & cracking)

·         Chilling the berries before we upgrade to reduce breakage

·         Not removing the bloom by chemically immersing the wild blueberries

·         Using a slowing freezing process to reduce breakage and bleeding